Call Centers

Call Centers : Another project required both Judy and Mike to stabilize a large Call Center that was growing at explosive rates. When invited to “take a look our situation” the company was hiring 40 new employees every 3 weeks. New desks, computers, phones were going on a daily basis! When fully functional the 400 seat facility handeled 20,000 calls per shift, two shifts a day, 7 days a week. This project required dealing with 30+ T1 inbound voice trunks going to multiple CTI and IVR servers, a cluster of SQL database servers, and multiple Internet links supporting public WEB server access as well as SSL / VPN links going to remote retail store-fronts.

We used a tag-team approach to provide a rapid assessment and strategic planning document for the engagement. From there, we launched into a 3 month project during which the business multiplied the daily sales rate by a factor of 4. We organized and participated in hands-on training for the client’s growing IT staff. We re-designed the existing physical network facilities to more effectively deal with the infrastructure growth, stabilized power distribution and UPS backup power, re-design the LAN into multiple IP zones where the key services had appearances on each subnet. We assisted the IT staff in restructuring their SQL application. Finally, we designed and, with the client’s IT staff, brought up a secure SSL / VPN thin-client application for the remote store front locations. This thin-client application was fully integrated via redundant SSL servers for the front-end and multiple database servers on the back end.