Consulting Projects

Starting as a communications researcher, Mr. Trest has designed and deployed terrestrial networks, satellite networks, fiber systems and some of the earliest Internet systems. Mr. Trest held positions as Chief Scientist or Lead Engineer on communications projects for numerous government agencies as well as the CTO of several communications companies. An early internet developer in California Mr.Trest deployed one of the first commercial fiber services for Internet clients.His first Internet company incubated many of the early local and regional ISP providers in Southern California. He has been a frequent presenter at seminars with appearances in Japan and East Asia as well as Europe and USA. Mike was an invited participant in the Clinton-Gore Next Generation Internet Workshops. Mike also presented the case for the ISP industry and the Commercial Internet Exchange ( CIX- – Now US ISPA ) before the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC) and to the White House National Economic Council (the Clinton-Gore administrations). Mike has been consulting as architect and design engineer for VoIP networks that now carry billions of minutes of International and US domestic traffic. Mr. Trest continues as engineer / owner / investor with continuing interests in several VoIP carriers.

Specialties: Communications technologies: Telephony (TDM and VoIP), Internet, Fiber, SAT, RF,Converged Services