Emergency Services

Emergency Services : Continuing into 2015 thru 2018, Judy and Mike support systems to U.S. Navy and other agencies that provide critical emergency response support. The application combines SMS/Text Messages, Call-Out Voice Announcements, Outbound Calling with Interactive Voice Response, as well as Toll-Free inbound calling. Currently, four such systems provide 24*7*365 emergency notification and MUSTER applications to a population of over 10,000 responders. Operating globally, the MUSTER application can provide proactive telephone alerts to any or all segments of this population. Likewise, the responders use Toll-Free / Direct Dial call to report their current status. The telephone calls are integrated with IT / WEB applications that track availablity and current status of those with first-responder responsibilities. This system is available to local and state governmental agencies, schools and universities and greatly reduced pricing. It can be integrated with existing WEB based services in co-operation with client’s IT developers (or independent contractors).