Resource Management

Jan 2, 2018 Announcing “Software As A Service” for selected Trest Consulting applications

Resource Management is a generalization that applies to many different computerized applications.

For example, Trest Consulting has been a supplier of customized service to U. S. Government agencies for “people management”. Specifically, when an emergency required government personnel (or government contractors) to respond to an emerging need, hundreds or thousands of individuals need to be contacted to determine their availability to respond. To facilitate this, we put together a package of phone-circuits (Toll Free and DID services) along with Trest’s software and hardware integration support. That collection was then securely placed in front of the U.S. Navy’s internal emergency management application with full encryption and network protections to the government’s higher security requirements.

In reality, this “people management” service is a front-end notification and data collection system. The emergency management group maintains it’s own highly protected CRM-like database and personnel system. Their clients are geographically dispersed military bases and command structures. The the product / resources under management are first-responders and support units of people with specific skills that may be useful in a particular situation of need. So, when a storm threatens a facility, the system is used to send out notifications to “report availability”. Alerts go by of text messages or by voice-phone-calls to the selected category of individuals. The individuals can respond with reply to xt messages or by IVR question/answer to voice calls. The Trest software handles the activity and reports back to clients via secure web postings.

Another example of “Software As A Service” is a package for client call centers. Because of the tie-in to client’s CRM-like databases, the software can issue calls to individuals. Those calls can be a simple “Recorded message blast” or can be cross-connected to live operators once the called number is answered. If the client requests, the service offers answering machine detection so that a pre-recorded message can be delivered to the consumer’s number or simply ignored. Some clients use the service to deliver IVR ask a series of questions and to record consumer responses. The simple message blast is frequently used for “Reverse-911” type of lists for special alerting messages.

A final example of “Software As A Service” seting up Trest software as a front end to a complex task management application. This uses remote text messages or scanners to capture specific events – like the receipt of shipments by bar code scanners or a delivery event. It can also be used to capture login/logout, clock in / clock out, time capture for employee time tracking. These events can come in via almost any network enabled device or web screen.

The unique advantages of Software As A Service are:

You get to use the software without paying your IT staff to write it.

You “rent capacity” for the level of transactions you anticipate in your application.

Transactions can be captured in real-time via almost any network device, web screen, or txt message.

Transaction capacity can be increased (or decreased) with relative ease.

Trest’s team will customize for your IT department, web application, database, or CRM application.